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Over and Out

In 2010 we announced that this would be the last FOSS.IN. The Team felt it had done it’s best and brought a superb event to the open source community in India. Early 2012, we decided an encore was called for and we did yet another FOSS.IN. A fantastic event with a magical ending and we [...]

Magical Ending Keynote at FOSS.IN

Tradition has it that we have a completely off-beat keynote to bring to wrap up FOSS.IN every year. And this year, we bring you the most off-beat keynote of them all – full of magic and mind-hacks. Our closing keynote is renowned usability expert and magician, Nakul Shenoy! Nakul is well known for his completely [...]

Group Discounts now available

So you missed out on the Early Bird Discount? Oooohh, that must rankle! So much beer money at stake! Never fear, we have you covered. We just enabled group discounts for Regular Delegate and Corporate/Donor Delegate registrations.