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The Calendar Project by Kalyan Varma

When you think of a conference, what’s the first thing that comes to mind? Maybe you think about the talks, of meeting some friends, of the boring food — basically an escape from the monotonous routine of the office. Well, in the case of FOSS.IN that is far from the truth. FOSS.IN has had an [...]

Why you should attend FOSS.IN/2012

Attending FOSS.IN/2012? A common question that people who have not been tend to ask, What’s in it for me? As an organiser I have been involved with the event since it’s inception and I can recall only one time when I was not part of Team FOSS.IN but a delegate. My reasons for being involved [...]

The Real Content

Corridor Conference – the beauty and charm of FOSS.IN Photo: Kernel Hackers in the corridor via James Morris, a FOSS.IN regular. Been to a conference lately? Most conferences pride themselves on having great content. Content being defined as great speakers with great talks. FOSS.In is no exception. We have an extremely rigid process of talk [...]