FOSS.IN is conceived, planned, created and executed by a dedicated team who are called Team FOSS.IN.

This group of friends, many of whom have been working together creating Free and Open Source Software community events since the late 1990s, works completely on an unpaid volunteer basis. They work together all year round, planning every aspect of the event, except the actual content (the talks, the activities, etc.) which comes entirely from the FOSS community. While FOSS.IN is a non-commercial event, the team strives to make it perform as professionally, or even more so, as commercial events with big budgets.

Team FOSS.IN “recruits” new members by tapping into volunteers who help during the actual event. Every member of Team FOSS.IN has joined the team this way.

More members will be added as we get closer to the event.

94, 11th Main, Royal Enclave Phase II
Bangalore KA-560064

Phone: +91 (80) 23626580

Note to marketeers: FOSS.IN is NOT a company, please do not contact us to sell your wares or services.