Magical Ending Keynote at FOSS.IN

Tradition has it that we have a completely off-beat keynote to bring to wrap up FOSS.IN every year. And this year, we bring you the most off-beat keynote of them all – full of magic and mind-hacks.

Our closing keynote is renowned usability expert and magician, Nakul Shenoy!

Nakul is well known for his completely mindblowing presentations that thoroughly mix magic, usability and fun. He travels the world enthralling his audiences drawn from top corporates.   With performances spanning Asia, the Middle East, Europe, UK and the USA, Nakul Shenoy is one of a few elite performers dedicated to psychic entertainment and the only entertainer in India to have presented seven TEDx talks (and counting).

Be prepared for a magical experience to wrap up this year’s FOSS.IN! :)